8 planes – akrylic on paper 32 x 32 – 2019

A series of acrylic paintings on bamboo-paper sized 32×32 cm. Every painting is built up of 8 layers of thin paint, each and every one covering the entire area. The premises of the series as well as the composition of each image is determined by a series of numbers that form a part of the value of the number Pi in hexadecimal notation. The colours of each image are chosen from a range of 48 possible colours. The direction of the paint is chosen from among 12 possible directions. Pi determines the colour, and direction of painting within each image.

I also remind you that you can always come to the studio at Hólmaslóð 4 to study the works in more detail. Interested parties can call me by calling 661 8723 to set the time.




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