Work featured on Saatchi Art

12 restripesndur – I.2017: n°10. Oil on canvas 50 × 50 cm. Price $1,760.

I’ve recently received the encouraging news that a work of mine has been included in a New This Week Collection on Saatchi Art. I have been showcasing my work there for a couple of months now and it is indeed encouraging that a work of mine is included in this weeks featured collection. This mention has already added traffic to my site.

The Collection can be wiewed here:

For those that are interested in my work abroad, it should now be easy to purchase the work on Saatchi Art. Those residing in Reykjavík can of course visit my studio whenever to check things out. This week I will be at the studio in the afternoon, on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, from 1–5 pm at least. I welcome people dropping by, to take look at work and discuss.

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