16 rendur — akrýl á pappír 64 x 64 cm, I.2019

A series of acrylic paintings, sized 64 x 64 cm, with a border of 5.5 cm, made on 300g watercolor paper. These paintings are paradigmical, in the sense that their premises and composition depends to a large degree upon decisions made by a series of digits of the number pi in hexadecimal formulations. Each paintiing is made up of 16 stripes, painted in various directions across it.In this series the direction of each stripe, its color, location, and width are determined in that manner. The paint is mixed with water and medium to make each layer very thin and transparent, thus making the resulting image visibly multilayered. After finishing the picture is varnished with acrylic varnish to make the surface glossy and to enhance the color.

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